PSP Video 9

PSP Video 9

PSP Video 9 is a free PSP video converter that converts video files
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PSP Video 9 is a video converter and manager to use with the PSP. The PSP will take any MP4 files that you throw at it, but some profiles work better. PSP Video 9 converts any video files, like .AVI or .MPEG files into MP4 files that are perfectly playable with the PSP. This application's user graphical interface is simple. It is divided into 4 categories, which are located to the left. The first one is convert, which allows you to convert your files to MP4 files. There isn't really too much you can tweak here, but the final quality is OK and your files will play perfectly. The second phase is Copy. Here, you will be able to copy your newly converted videos to your PSP. You have to install a second application for this, but it comes bundled and is absolutely free. The third item on the list is setup, which will let you play a little with the application's options. And lastly, About, where you can learn a little more about the application's owner. PSP Video 9 isn't the best application of its kind, but it is definitely not the worst. It is also free.

José Fernández
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  • Good design
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  • It's plagued with ads
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